Why Tarrington?

Personalised teaching and learning

Our School’s educational program is focused on developing the whole child. Our passionate educators deliver high quality foundational learning experiences in core curriculum areas such as literacy and numeracy. Students’ knowledge and understanding is broadened through integrated subject material, enquiry-based learning and a host of diverse and exciting co-curricular opportunities. Our learning community is grounded by our shared Christian values of respect, integrity and service that inspires our students to care for and serve others.

Our single stream class structure ensures each child receives the attention they need to reach their potential. At Tarrington, learning is collaborative – each child has a voice that we listen to, resulting in a deeply personalised learning experience. The difficulty of work and approach to teaching is carefully considered to guide each child along their unique learning pathway.

Students are also encouraged to get involved in the opportunities unique to our School, such as participation in the annual Laternenfest festivities; a celebration of the Tarrington community’s German heritage, held on the School’s grounds.

Inclusive and welcoming community

Our School has been a part of the fabric of the local community for over 167 years. It’s a hive of activity that serves to bring local families closer together. Our historical roots in the Tarrington area run deep, with many of our current students coming from multiple generations of Tarrington graduates.

The small student population ensures that each child is known as an individual and valued for their unique contribution. This also extends to students’ families, as we understand that ensuring that your child can flourish is a long-term partnership between school and home.

The positive relationships built between staff, students and their peers transcend year groups. It’s a place where we look out for each other; whether that be through our structured buddy program, through to the older children organically stepping up to look out for our youngest students on the bus.

Space to learn and grow

Nestled in the shelter of bushland surroundings, our grounds are the perfect place to learn and grow together. We enjoy numerous fantastic outdoor areas, including an adventure playspace and wide-open green spaces that encourage students to get active. Tucked away from the highway, it’s a hidden gem ripe for young minds to explore!

Free bus service

The greater Tarrington and Hamilton areas are connected to our School by our convenient morning and afternoon bus service. With routes determined based on the needs of our families, the complimentary service ensures every family has the opportunity to be a part of our community. You can find out more about our free bus service here.

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