How to Enrol

Enrolment Enquiries

Step 1

Request our Prospectus to find out more about our School.

Step 2

Try us on for size by booking a Principal's Tour of the School.

Step 3

Submit your Enrolment Application Form with supporting documentation and creditable Application Fee.

Step 4

Attend a Principal’s interview with your child. We interview each family to better understand your child and discuss how our School can guide them in their learning journey. Our community is the beating heart of our School and a Principal’s interview ensures that you can engage fully with life at our School. Following a successful Principal’s interview, you will receive a written offer of enrolment.

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Who can enrol at Tarrington Lutheran School?

Tarrington Lutheran School has an open enrolment policy, welcoming students from all backgrounds and of all abilities. We offer every student a Christian education regardless of ethnic origin, gender, religion and ability, however we do ask that each child participates fully in life at our School, including Christian Studies and Devotions.

Our class sizes are limited to a maximum of 25 students. Pre-enrolment well in advance of the desired entry date is advised.

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