Student Wellbeing

A values-driven approach

As a Lutheran school, we strive to provide educational excellence within a caring environment that promotes Christian values such as courage, compassion, forgiveness, hope, justice, service and love. High quality Pastoral Care underpins this environment to support each child to thrive academically, emotionally and spiritually.

We practise Christian devotions in the classroom and regularly come together as a School for shared worship. These special times encourage each child to further develop their relationship with God and build their sense of self-worth and as they are reminded of God’s love.

Friendships for life

As a small school, students’ friendships frequently transcend year groups. Children organically get to know one another in the all-years’ shared play spaces, on the School Bus or through our foundational Buddy Program. Numerous Outdoor Education and camp opportunities encourage children to mix between year groups outside of the conventional classroom environment.

Our Buddy Program provides a gentle introduction to ‘big school’ for Tarrington’s youngest students. Each foundational student is assigned a Buddy from Year 6, who acts as a guide, but, more importantly, a friend. This encourages a sense of belonging to the community and lays the foundation for social connection across all year groups. The Program also benefits older students by empowering them with responsibility and giving them an opportunity to be a role model.

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