Our Philosophy

At Tarrington, our staff are dedicated to providing each child with an exceptional educational experience. In order to ensure that the opportunities available at Tarrington are accessible to our local community, maintaining affordable fees is central to our philosophy. Families may elect to pay school fees on a termly or annual basis. A discount is available if fees are paid in full for the year prior to the fourth Friday in February. Prompt payment of fees is appreciated. At Tarrington, we believe that every child should have access to a Christian education. We invite families experiencing financial hardship to engage in a confidential discussion with our Principal in advance of payment dates to discuss the options available.

Fee Schedule

Additional Fees and Charges

To secure your child’s place at Tarrington, an enrolment fee of $200 applies. This will be credited to your first year of school fees upon your child’s commencement. Please note that an additional composite charge of $200 per student per year applies. This covers your child’s class incursion and excursions, printing and copying, stationery, arts and crafts, sporting activities, library resources and swimming lessons.

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