Parents and Friends Association

Our warm and inclusive community is central to our identity and connection with the local Tarrington area. This is enriched by our Parents and Friends Association (PFA) who are actively engaged in school life and the betterment of the School. The efforts of the PFA help to keep costs down for families whilst also creating opportunities for students to learn outside of the classroom, such as through our exciting camp program. A significant activity of the PFA is the catering of the Tarrington Senior Citizens luncheons, held monthly in the Tarrington Hall. The catering of these events is a major fundraiser for the School, with all profits going to the maintenance and development of our learning resources and facilities. Funds raised each year assist with the purchase of class resources, ICT and sporting equipment, as well to assist with the costs of hosting community events such as Mothers and Fathers Nights and the annual Welcome BBQ – a fantastic way for our community to reconnect at the beginning of a new year, and to welcome our new families and staff.

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